The sooner termite problems can be identified, the better. No one realizes the damage that termites can cause to a home until it happens to them. In reality, termite damage to homes costs more than fires, storms, and floods combined in the United States on an annual basis.

Good Earth Termite and Pest Control provides termite eradication services using both chemical and non-chemical methods.

  • Chemical Treatment – Standard Treatment
  • Foam Treatment – Facilitates the Treatment of Voids, Cracks, and Crevices
  • Baiting Method – Biological Treatment – No Chemicals Are Used
  • Barrier Method – Termidor – Advanced technology liquid that is non-repellent and undetectable. This means termites cannot see, smell, taste or avoid it. Instead they contact, ingest and hare Termidor.

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That is why Good Earth Termite & Pest Control works with you to create a termite prevention plan that is custom suited to your home’s needs. Whether it’s simple preventative treatments or home fumigations, our professional staff of experienced and knowledgeable pest control experts will craft a plan to make sure termites don’t bother your home or business.